Here at Sheltersuit, we have the privilege to work with other non-profits dedicated to protecting our unsheltered friends across the world.We joined the Phoenix-based organization Cloud Covered Streets for one of their street missions, providing showers, haircuts, laundry, and potential employment to individuals experiencing homelessness.

Marion in Portland, USA

I’ve had the most positive weeks when I came to take a shower. Everybody’s positive, upbeat. It was a break from the negativity that you get around the camp we stay at. So one day I just came up and said ‘can I volunteer?’ So they hooked me up with some shoes – I was wearing some beat-up Vans I had found in the street – and after I volunteered a few times they offered me this opportunity. I’m really grateful for it,” Mike told us.

Cloud Covered Streets’ founder Robert and VP Eugene

One of the people that came in for a shower and haircut was Charlie (1961). We were able to offer him a shelter bag, which he gratefully received, looking back on the cold nights of the past weeks.

“Most people don’t know it, but it gets cold as hell at night here during the winter. The other day my hands were so cold that I was scared they were gonna get purple. I’ve been close to getting frostbit this year.”
– Charlie


Charlie is getting his hair cut at Cloud Covered Street’s weekly pop-up unit.


Speaking of people helping people! How cool is 12-year-old volunteer Maddie.

Mike has been sleeping in a street encampment for two months now, as part of a Phoenix municipality-based initiative organized to curb the spread of Covid-19 among homeless communities. However, as of January 2020, Maricopa County reports 7,419 individuals experiencing homelessness, and the street encampment initiative is confined within two blocks of parking spots.

Mike discussed with us the threat and aggression that people experiencing homelessness face, “Anything can happen. There’s a group of people that harasses homeless people. In here [this encampment] security is not going to let that happen to you. But there is a curfew, you cannot go in or out. Like anything in life, it is what you make it.” Mike expresses optimism for the future, as he has acquired a job.


“I ain’t afraid to die anymore, I’m scared not to live”
– Mike

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