Provide this winter every child on Lesbos with a Sheltersuit

Sheltersuit, Movement on the Ground and the WakaWaka Foundation are joining forces to make sure all the children on Lesbos have a warm winter. The campaign, that aims to provide every child on Lesbos with a Sheltersuit and a WakaWaka, starts today. The children who fled the war are arriving on Lesbos and beginning a new life full of uncertainties. A life challenged by the cold and darkness of winter. Living conditions are bad, some children stay in tents while others don’t even have a shelter. The campaign aims to finance 1.500 Sheltersuits and 1.500 WakaWaka’s. The first batch will be handed out at Christmas.

Hand out Sheltersuits on Lesbos

It is estimated that around 1.500 children live in refugee camps Moria and Kara Tepe. However, more families arrive every day. Unfortunately, a few refugees did not survive because of the (weather) conditions last winter. It is especially the children and vulnerable adults that are in need of warmth, light and power. That is why the three organisations are offering a solution to help them endure the winter. Financing these solutions requires help from companies. With joined efforts, they are hoping to hand out as many sets of suits and WakaWaka’s as possible. The first shipment is sponsored by Rabobank Foundation, Start Foundation, Van Lanschot Kempen and Geloof en Samenleving van de Remonstranten.

A Sheltersuit is a sustainable jacket with a zipped sleeping bag (optional). This set provides protection against harsh weather conditions. The product is wind and water resistant and is manufactured by refugees living in the Netherlands. Sheltersuit helps them to get acquainted with the Dutch labour market. Instead of waiting at home without a job, they are offered to help and improve the circumstances they once faced themselves. By refugees, for refugees. A WakaWaka Power+ is a product that provides safe light and power for people in areas without electricity. With built-in solar panels, it charges on sun, and is perfect for refugees residing in places without access to power. WakaWaka increases the feeling of safety, and enables people to charge their phones and stay connected. Movement on the Ground, a foundation started by Johnny de Mol, aims to improve living conditions for refugees on Lesbos. The organization ensures that distribution on Lesbos is arranged properly.

The print of the suits is designed by Bas Kosters. 


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