Dropbox is a supporter of the Sheltersuit Foundation, a partner we are proud of! Dropbox Account Executive Lukas Borsboom works for the American company and explains this new partnership here:

“Within our company, we have a social program: Dropbox for Good. Through it we support initiatives with a mission for social justice and basic freedoms: those who are dedicated to everyone’s fundamental rights to employment, a home and health care.”

Focus on work that matters

“Therefore, my colleagues and I are able to dedicate our products, finances and time to support social businesses which is why I approached Sheltersuits with the following question: can Dropbox assist you in making your internal IT processes more efficient? Their answer was ‘yes’ and so a Dropbox business license has been donated to the Foundation for twenty staff members. For free and forever! We hope that this helps Sheltersuit to focus on their mission and that is allows this social business to further blossom.”

Sustainable clothing is essential

“I feel personally connected to Sheltersuit. In the past, I was fortunate to run a small clothing business. It was just me and a webshop selling organic, sustainable clothing. It is my opinion that things both must and can change; the clothing industry is a very polluting sector. I used to be really interested in street wear and I still prefer to shop at specialized boutiques. Clothing in combination with creativity: that appeals to me and that’s why Sheltersuit fascinates me.”

"The Sheltersuits are well made, very practical and they look totally cool."

“My job as Dropbox Account Manager for the Benelux is to acquire new clients and maintain existing ones. I attended the Hotel School and in the hospitality industry, really listening to the customer is a must. I brought this knowledge along to Dropbox. Together with the client, I listen to what their workflows entail. Are they already working in the cloud? Can they be more efficient online? We are all ‘people of habit’ and a new way of working will only succeed when the clients themselves have realized that changes can really help.”

People helping people

Here at Dropbox we think a culture of cooperation is very important, to be there for each other. My commercial task is to help and support, to assist clients in functioning even better. In other words: we help Sheltersuit and Sheltersuit helps others. Wonderful!

The combination of assisting the homeless, giving refugees a job, working with recycled materials really appeals to me. The Sheltersuits are well made, very practical and they look totally cool. When I was looking for my own ‘Dropbox for Good’ project, I wanted to find something with a social mission which really touched me, a business I could develop a personal relationship with. I found it in Sheltersuit where people work with the same mindset as we do. They are open; they welcome a dialogue: not simply giving gifts. You enter a true partnership.”

Support local, grow global

“Due to the Sheltersuit mission which appeals to me so much, I recently organized a little fundraiser on Facebook for my birthday. I collected more than 400 euros! A nice sum. Every single Sheltersuit can save a life, at the very least, can heighten someone’s comfort.

What I also think is important is that Sheltersuit works according to the principle of ‘Support local, Grow global’. They are now attempting to develop their presence in America where the problem of homelessness is huge. Four thousand people work at Dropbox, most of these in America; therefore, I am determined to make my American colleagues aware of our partnership with Sheltersuit.

Who knows, maybe we can help Sheltersuit become more well known in the States: to expand their network there as well as the Foundation’s activities.”


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