At the corner of the gas station, a silver Ford Focus is parked next to the mini market. Marion has been sleeping in her car for “not too long, about twenty months.” That particular morning, her sleeping bag was damaged and she decided to make the trip to Rose Haven, our distribution partner.

Rose Haven is a day shelter for women, children, and marginalized genders who are experiencing homelessness and poverty in Portland, Oregon.

Oregon has the 2nd highest rate of unsheltered homeless people in the US, and Rose Haven is the only day shelter and community center in Multnomah County supporting these specific audiences.

The greatest contributors to homelessness for women in Oregon include domestic and sexual violence, unaffordable housing, wage inequity, and mental and physical disabilities. Rose Haven offers help navigating the complexities of their worlds and aims to help them improve their lives long-term.

The beginning of our first campaigns

On October 12th during the Rolling Loud Festival weekend, before her appearance at the festival, DaniLeigh a California based singer and dancer came with us to distribute a Sheltersuit to Doobie, a man that has been experiencing homelessness for 10 years.

DaniLeigh believes in the importance of giving back and was very enthusiastic to meet and hear Doobie’s story. We are thankful for her interested in spreading warmth, dignity and protection with us.

This marks the beginning of our first campaigns, working with blossoming artists and influencers to spread the word and importance about giving back to those in need. Engaging with their base of followers to multiply the Sheltersuit effect, and achieve our goal to provide every person experiencing homelessness warmth this winter.


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